How To Teach Children Second Languages

Young children are like sponges. They absorb everything that they see and hear. Teaching young children a second language is very easy once you apply a few tips and tricks. For younger children there area number of games you can play to get them use to learning and hearing a second language.

studyingFor example, you can start by teaching them their name in the foreign language. From there, begin to name objects that they use on a daily basis in the second language. Another effective way to help them get use to new sounds is by singing nursery rhymes in both their first language and the second language. The more children hear both languages, the easier it is for them to grasp the second language. We can all remember hearing those strange nursery rhymes from when we were young.

For Preschoolers, it becomes a bit easier for them to learn a variety of things in both languages as long as they are being exposed to both languages on a daily basis. Immerse children in both languages by combining playtime with children who are fluent in the other language and the children will naturally begin to learn the second language by conversing with one another. Consider extracurricular groups that will help children to continue learning both languages. You might get them music lessons or sports lessons that are with students who know both languages.

As children get older and start to become more familiar with the internet you can start to use videos as a method to help them learn the foreign language. Children love to sing along to videos and children’s programming so this is a great opportunity to expose them to another language. If you’re also bilingual, you can read to them in the foreign language and then read the book in the first language, there are plenty of options for you on Amazon.

As children become teenagers or preteen, you may want to invest in a course or enroll them in classes. At this point the learning really has to be self-directed otherwise they will just decide that they’re not interested. There are plenty of resources online such as youtube, and duolingo. Alternative, there are many courses that you can take to learn a language. For example, many people I know who were learning english took complete courses online to help with there communications skills. Courses like, The Effortless English Speaking Course come to mind. Also more popular ones like Rosetta Stones courses.

It’s amazing how great these┬átrick works. At this stage they are about to learn more complicated words and really understand why learning a second language can be useful. Children will absorb what they are hearing and pretty soon it will be second nature to them to speak in either language. Allow them the opportunity to use both languages and you’re sure to be successful.

The sooner you begin teaching children a second language, the sooner they can master the second language.

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