The Best Resources Online To Help Teach Your Kids How To Code

Do your kids want to learn computer programming? Teaching kids to code can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the complexities of the task. Fortunately, there are several online resources that are perfect for helping a parent teach their child to code. These resources include software, apps, and guides all designed to make it easy for a young mind to grasp the intricacies of computer programming. You could begin with an online search, but the results could be overwhelming. We have synthesized the vast amount of information available online and provide the best resources teaching kids to code below.

MIT provides a great guide, Resources for Parents written by their Media Lab’s Scratch Team. One of the most popular coding tools for kids, Scratch is designed to the kids who have little to no experience coding. This guide helps the child dive into programming by creating stories and animations using building blocks that mimic code structure. It is an easy and comprehensive beginner’s guide to programming.

Another good resource is Google’s Made With Code Programming Tutorials. These are focused on interesting girls in computer programming but are perfect for either gender. The tutorials are easy to follow and even a child with no programming experience can understand and complete the tasks. There are both beginner and intermediate levels, so your child can use these tutorials for a while. Additionally, Google offers a robust Resources section that provides new releases periodically. provides another great resource for teaching children to code. Their Lessons and Tutorials are designed for children K-8 and help them get familiar with computer programming.

Tynker is a suite of games which are designed to teach children basic computer programming. The Hour of Code provides a great point for children to jump in and try coding. There is also a section for Parents where you will find tips and ideas to help you get started teaching your child computer programming.

Another great resource is the EdSurge Guide on Teaching Kids to Code. This is a comprehensive guide designed for parents who want to work with their children on computer programming. There is information on more than 50 different tools a parent can use to help their children learn to code, as well as many useful and interesting articles on how to teach coding to children.

Each of these resources provides good information and ideas on how to teach your child to code. Read through them to find the methods that will work best with your kids.

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